Dental ImplantsMissing an anchor tooth or having gaps in between the teeth is missing much more than just your teeth. It spoils your smile. Indeed it may spoil much more by affecting your self confidence. You may miss out an important career opportunity or even a good social gathering.

In such a scenario, a dental implant surgery comes to your full rescue. It gives you the feeling of having a real and a permanent tooth for ever. It allows you to have a strong teeth even after you have lost them. This surgery replaces both the tooth and its root. It gives you better teeth condition that enables you to bite, chew properly and also considerably reduces several gum problems. So let’s study step by step the various aspects involved in dental surgery.

The Process
A dental implant involves some complicated processes therefore you should always go in for a specialist dentist or a good dental implant surgeon. To hold the tooth in place, a screw is implanted surgically into your jaw. After this the dentist will place the implant, once the process of healing is complete. Then follows the process of taking an impression of the existing teeth after which it will be sent to the dental laboratory, wherein a tooth will be designed to fit the original space of the tooth. The dentist will now place the tooth in the jaw, once the implant is complete.

The complications
Sometimes, after the completion of the surgery, there can be some swelling and gums can become tender. Taking proper medication, like Ibuprofen can reduce the symptoms. Moreover, surgery may also lead to infections sometimes, so you should always take care and follow some extra precautions after the implant is complete.

The Cost
A dental implant surgery now have become a little less expensive as they were before. Moreover the over all cost of your surgery depends on the total number of implants that are needed in your mouth. The cost will be definitely be higher if you have more than two implants. And if you are already suffering from some other oral mouth problem, then the cost can be still higher.

But, is the cost of a dental implant more than that killing stunning smile. I don’t think so.