Choosing the right implant dentist can make all the difference when opting for dental implant surgery. When selecting a dental implant dentist, make sure you know how experienced they are and know what their percentage success rate is in comparison to industry standards.

People often spend far less time selecting an implant dentist than they do looking for a cosmetic surgeon. However, there can still be a significant risk of failure if you select the wrong implant dentist and the consequences of an implant failure can be both painful, visually distressing and time consuming. A botched dental implant cannot always be put right and at best will require recovery time as well as possibly bone grafting and other cosmetic dentistry procedures before you are able to consider a second attempt.

There are many different implant procedures which, when used correctly, can offer a long term and natural solution for those requiring prosthetic teeth. However, if you select an implant dentist who does not have the right level of competency for the level of work you need to have carried out you could find yourself wishing that you had never even considered the dental implant route.

A dental implant basically involves a screw being placed into the jaw to which a crown is fixed. If your implant dentist fails to place the screw correctly or fails to notice that you have insufficient bone to support the screw before he attempts to fix it in place there is a risk of implant failure.

The placing of dental implants is a skilled job which requires a significant level of training beyond family dental work. It is highly advisable to assess the skill level of your chosen implant dentist before going ahead with any dental implant procedure.

Basically your implant dentist has to follow simple guidelines in that dental implants must have a solid foundation and must have sufficient accessibility to enable a high level of dental care.

If you choose an experienced implant dentist who is highly skilled in the dental implant area of cosmetic dentistry then the success rate for dental implant is high.